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Let's call that Plan A
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Welcome to Let's call that Plan A. This community is dedicated to finding those ideas and plans that people throw out there, without any hope of them seriously coming to pass and doing our best to make sure that these ill advised ideas take form.

The sort of ideas I'm talking about are the ones that people throw out in a less than serious fashion, but are still plausible. So "Let's take over the world" is completely implausible, not worth it. However, "Let's see if we can start a cult around this random individual without his knowing about it" is clearly something that we can call Plan A.

Once you have an idea, post it to the community where everyone can see it. Then anyone who thinks they can see a way to make it workable, or is simply bloodyminded enough to go ahead with it and to hell with the consequences, can comment. Occasionally (and I see no reason to expect this to be frequent) there might even be enough people interested to put some of the ideas into practice. If this should happen it is vital that someone take photos so that any chaos caused can be shared with the world at large.

Oh and as side effects go, I doubt anyone is quite unhinged enough to perform an illegal act, photograph it and stick it online for all to see. (Though as I type this a number of names spring to mind) So no matter how tempting the idea of breaking into Forbidden Planet and stealing all of the motorised Daleks to race down Broad Street might be, it's not likely to happen :(

Rules for commenting are dead simple. Aim towards the positive, it's far more interesting for someone to try to put a bad idea into practice than for them to give up on it. No sense in knocking ideas since everyone knows that they are bound to be terrible ideas anyway; that's why they're here. Of course they are the great type of terrible idea. The ones you'll remember as a good day for years in the event that they somehow do happen. Everyone loves a great bad idea. Genuine concerns are necessary if an idea looks like it might come to fruition. For example, in tying someone to railway tracks it never hurts to consider "How am I going to not get hit by a train?"

Rules for posting are even easier: If in doubt, post it. At best something entertaining happens, at worst it gets ignored, which doesn't really hurt anyone.

The first Plan A has already been put into motion - in that after a 2am conversation culminating in "This community itself sounds like another gloriously warped idea that's destined not to happen in reality" the community came into existence. Having now called it Plan A and done it I'm forced to sit back and think about what I've just now decided shall be the community motto: "What could possibly go wrong?"