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Wacky Races - Let's call that Plan A

cartimanduaSep. 8th, 2005 02:29 am Wacky Races

From the community info:
So no matter how tempting the idea of breaking into forbidden planet and stealing all of the motorised daleks to race down broad street might be, it's not likely to happen :(

What I actually said was to race the pull-back-and-go toy Daleks, thus distinguishing them from the battery operated variety. And I'm only suggesting stealing them because Forbidden Planet isn't open right now. If we can restrain ourselves until shop hours, then obviously we can buy them in a legitimate manner.

In addition, it is vital that those annoying vibrating rubber ducks that you see in places like Hustler Hollywood or Ann Summers be finally put to a good use. What I want to know is: how fast will they vibrate themselves over water, and is the speed affected by things like the batteries used, the model of duck and so on. Can the motors be overcharged in some way to speed things up? Will other novelty vibrators be capable of racing over water? (waterproof models only in the powered races, others may try for sail power)
This can, of course, all take place in public for the edification and education of all: The First Birmingham Sex Toy Regatta must, nay, shall occur!

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