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MSN Messenger: It Warps Your Mind - Let's call that Plan A

cartimanduaSep. 8th, 2005 03:03 am MSN Messenger: It Warps Your Mind

cartimandua says:
Would you like to play live action Space Invaders?
x_equals_speed says:
What on earth?
cartimandua says:
Gen Con won't let me organise live action Heroclix, or live action Space Invaders
x_equals_speed says:
Okay. But how on earth would it work anyway
cartimandua says:
You get about 20-25 people together in a large room or outdoors on a nice day.
You get a supply of large cardboard boxes, the kind that fridges or other appliances come in and set up three at one end of the space.
You pick out whoever's the defending ship (usually by raffle, but no worries, everyone gets a turn eventually)
They go to the end with the boxes. Everyone else lines up in ranks at the other end.
Now, you need a bag (free plastic carrier bags from supermarkets are fine) for each person except the defender.
Then, you distribute a bagful of beanbags, small rubber/plastic balls, anything similar (not cricket balls or squash balls - too hard) to each Invader and divide the rest between three buckets that are inside each box, allowing the Defender to duck inside and reload.
I'm sure you get the picture now.
x_equals_speed says:
Is there a guy at the back whos job it is to yell "increase speed, change direction" periodically
cartimandua says:
It is, of course, absolutely essential that all the people who are the Invaders make beeping noises as they shuffle sideways and forward, speeding up the beeping along with themselves.
You can have a conductor to help the Invaders know what they're doing. In fact, it's advisable since this would be played drunk/silly/both. You also need a random person to run across the top blasting an airhorn from time to time.
x_equals_speed says:
cartimandua says:
I can never get people to play this.
x_equals_speed says:
Why not?
I mean you need a lot of people
but I can't see why any individual wouldn't want to#
cartimandua says:
I was just thinking one day about all the RPGs being done from video games, and then how those RPGs got converted into live action, and then I saw a Simpsons episode where Homer loads up the car as a Tetris game (complete with music) and it sort of made sense to me that you could LARP Space Invaders.

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Date:September 8th, 2005 02:13 am (UTC)
More that I shouldn't be allowed to think at 3am. I certainally shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard while I can't think. I definately shouldn't be allowed to talk to you over MSN while I can't think.

Then again thats where the whold thing started :) And I'm sure theres a good reason for that hash, I just can't think of a semi plausable explination to throw at you right now.